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The King Of The Night

Give me the keys honey of your house
Give me the keys honey of your body
I'll be the leader tonight

I wanna show you how my world shines
Chose between me and the other guys
But I'm the leader and the king of the night
Don't forget babe I'm the king of the night

Do you wanna be my lover
And wanna be my sucker
For you I'll do anything
Just stand my fast night running
If you wanna be my sucker
I wanna be your licker
And we're gonna have fun
Till the morning comes

We need to get a packet full of sunshine
This and that together have you ever tried?
Take a deep smoke and you'll be surprised

I like it when it takes you to the other side
I'm in the sky when you're so wild
And we can do it do it all night
I'm the leader and the king of the night
Don't forget babe I'm the king of the night

Wait for me and get wet babe
If you let me taste you, you can taste me to
Follow me where I'm going to
This is what I want from you

I don't want more than to analyze each other
I don't want more than to make a 69
Close your eyes and drink my pride
You want more you want more

Joey McKenzie

I've always known this would come
So I'm ready for the way
Never asked for your help
But this time stand by me

I never tried to live
Tried to live like the others
I can only blame myself
To quit it now

If you allowed me to live my
Life again
I would do it in the same way

Strange but I'm not afraid
Of the moment I'll die
Hell'll be the right place
To continue my wicked life
Nobody will pry into my guilty life

The only thing I ask
Is to take care of my women
And don't forget my children
They carry on my name

Some of my friends
They know I'm not a wanker
I just wanted to live
Only did it for fame

The Way To Death

Now you can see you're alone
Your friends left you
And you've lost your home
You're lying in the night in a dirty road
You sell the pills
Cause you wanna buy your own
You were so high but there's no turning back
When we meet these days
And I look at your face
I just say: God be with you.

If you want to stay alive
You have to keep the bridges
Between your dreams and life
Never go, never go too far
You'll never be back
If you cross some lines

When the night begins
You're on the way to death
It's so easy to start it again

When I call you in the night
And I try to reach you
Before you hide
It's so easy

Family man

I saw you kneeling in the dust
Nobody will cry for you
Let me in let me help you

(don't you) See she controls you
(don't you see) She gives nothing to you
In the past you could understand me

Why don't you realize
That you are on your way
Your're on the way being
A family man
Please stand up

I will never leave you
Never leave you alone
Till you don't feel I'm right
And I'm at your side

You mustn't drink n' smoke
When she's next to you
Is it a life for you?
Is it enough for you?
You say you're satisfied
But these words aren't yours
If you can't change now
You will never

When you're alone
And feeling the torn of sad
Your crumble the stone of mad
You're crying for your pride
When you're in love
And must be humble
You find your girl
And reach for the sky

Notice that she's playin'
The fool with you man
You'd better step
Out of your role now
Otherwise there's
No more chance
Follow my advice
If you wanna escape


The change has come
Get ready babe
I can break the chains for you
Get ready I'm coming
While you are in love with her
She could find lots of things to do
…Get ready…
Yes, this is your woman
Oh, you fool

Fight (from the Inside)


How far we think we are from each other
While we're stepping on that same way of life
We're learning to walk and dance
While we're preparing to die
Don't think it's the solution
Just look straight into my eyes
And watch
How I'm getting lonelier every night.

Feeling it must be the end of the story
But knowing it just can't be the truth
We're playing the final scene
While we both are playing the fool
I don't think it's the solution
Just look straight into my eyes
'cause I know
You're getting lonelier every night.

I'd like to understand her secrets
I'd like to understand her smile
She behaves like a lady
She behaves just like a child.

It's a fight from the inside
You struggle with your other side
It's you who have to decide which way to try
The fight from the inside
Never ends 'til you realize
The only thing that keeps you together is love.

Don't need to say that you love me
'cause nor I love you anymore
We're playing each other's fool
'cause non of us wants to lose
It's not easy to stop this feeling
But I have to believe it's true
When I
Can't give anymore love to you.

All lyrics: (c) Machine Mouse